On 10/20/22 08:20, Andrea Monaco via Mailman-Developers wrote:

I visited the confirm page to leave a mailing list, then by mistake I
clicked "Cancel and discard", I pressed ESC almost immediately and then
"Unsubscribe".  A page appeared saying that I hit a bug.  Maybe the
software state becomes inconsistent in that case?

In order to debug this, we need to see the traceback from Mailman's error.log. As a list member, you almost certainly don't have access to this. You will have to contact the admins of the particular Mailman installation where this list is hosted.

In my case, trying this, when I hit "Unsubscribe" after "Cancel and discard", I got this response

Bad confirmation string
Invalid confirmation string: ff24b71eb376782557629d0503ae28de89486408.

which is expected. This is with Mailman 2.1.39, so the issue may be fixed in the current release.

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