Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 11/6/22 14:36, mirabilos mirabilos wrote:
> > So, when is this going to be fixed in Mailman 3?

> Mailman does this. Mail to an invalid address does not get delivered to 
> Mailman because the invalid address is not in Mailman's generated 

Hmmh. This is part-ish of the problem.

But in this specific case, the problem did persist even after disabling Mailman,
and it could eventually be traced to a web frontend called modoboa
putting its own, broken, configuration. So, this time, Mailman was
not the culprit.

> Also, beginning in Mailman 3.3.6, even in unusual configurations where 
> an MTA might deliver an invalid recipient to Mailman's LMTP runner, The 
> runner will reject the invalid RCPT TO during LMTP. See New Features 
> at 

That’s good to hear!

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