Stephen J. Turnbull writes:

 > We now have mentors (Yay! thanks Abhilash and Danil) and I've
 > applied to PSF as a suborg.  More mentors are welcome (that allows
 > us to support more projects).

And Python has accepted us!

The ideas page is
If you have suggestions for projects, it's probably best to discuss
them on (reply-to set) first because
Google has restrictions on some of the tasks that could be eligible
(for example, documentation projects have not been eligible in the
past--any documentation had to be relevant to code that was sufficient
to justify a project in itself).

However, if you have some experience with Summer of Code and have
write access to the wiki, you can add ideas directly.

In both cases it's useful to getting them implemented to volunteer as
mentor or backup mentor ;-) but that's not required.

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