Hi Lalit,

(If you prefer to be called something else, a nickname or we should
use an honorific, please let us know.)

The basic procedure for GSoC is

1.  Read our GSoC Ideas page at
    The top of the page explains how GSoC works in our org.
2.  Think about projects that interest you (even if that means "just
    know more about") or that seem appropriate to your existing skills
    if you're looking to apply those rather than, or in addition to,
    learning new ones.
3.  Get a GitLab account if you don't already have one, and check the
    issue tracker at https://gitlab.com for easy or interesting issues
    that you can work on (you need to demonstrate you know your way
    around our change submission process),  The issue doesn't need to
    be code, it can be a typo fix (including one you submit yourself);
    the requirement is showing you've done our paperwork.

You don't have to submit a project from our ideas page, although
that's usually the most straightforward, and you shouldn't assume that
anything one the page is necessarily high priority for us.


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