> Mailman is so old-fashioned as name and man dominated in respect to
 > the gender discussions. It is time to rename it to Mail-Miss,
 > MailMom or Mail-Woman for a while?.

This is not going to happen: domain names, systemd services, standard
URLs, package names, all would need to be changed in 10s of thousands
of sites as they upgrade.  Not to mention literally millions of URLs
that point to messages in archives.  None of the above are under our
control, and the string is likely to pop up in all kinds of
unpredictable places.

If you want to be helpful, try your hand at a much easier problem: a
plan for migrating Mailman's git repos from the use of the now-
deprecated "master" branch to something less offensive ("main") or
more descriptive ("development", "release").  That's something that if
done correctly on our end, will propagate to many, perhaps most
downstream repos and forks automatically, and is easy to explain how
to complete the changeover.
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