On 8/29/23 14:58, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

I'm seeing this in our GSOC student's build of the suite.  I don't yet
know if it's related to his changes, just wondering if anyone has seen
it or has any ideas how to resolve it:

% mailman-web compress --settings settings --pythonpath `pwd`/var/etc
Compressing... Invalid template postorius/user/address_preferences.html: 
Invalid filter: 'add_form_select'
Invalid template postorius/user/subscription_preferences.html: Invalid filter: 
Invalid template postorius/lists/header_matches.html: Invalid filter: 
Compressed 2 block(s) from 106 template(s) for 1 context(s).

`add_form_select` is not a standard Django template filter, it's
defined and registered in django-mailman3.

Have they installed all the projects from source? I feel it might be causing the issue if they are using the git head of Postorius but not for django-mailman3.

This was added recently in django-mailman3 and hasn't yet been released, so using the released version can cause the above error.

Abhilash Raj (maxking)

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