Дилян   Палаузов writes:

 > Do you know by accident, if the runner processes use identical
 > memory, and by
 > calling https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man2/madvise.2.html the
 > kernel can somehow detect these identical memory and then use a
 > single instance for all identical regions of memory?

The memory size is a side effect of the way fork works (formally, it
creates a new process by duplicating the old one, what "really"
happens is up to the CPU's MMU and the kernel's memory management).  I
believe that as long as copy-on-write is enabled it only actually
copies pages with changes.  Use ps or top to check to see how much of
the virtually memory is actually in RAM, and how much is shared.

I'm pretty sure real memory usage was considered in the original
design to use processes for each runner rather than threads.


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