Am 25.09.20 um 13:41 schrieb Brian Carpenter:
> On 9/25/20 6:49 AM, Johannes Rohr wrote:
>> I am now playing around with Mailman 3,  considering to migrate
>> eventually. Reading the documentation, I haven't understood whether
>> there is still a possibility to configure virtual hosts within mailman.
>> My goal is to ensure that visitors of  only see
>> the lists and not the others, just as the setting
>> VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW = 1 in /etc/mailman/ does. I would assume
>> that one can have a similar behaviour in mailman3, can't one?
> It is possible with the following setting set via
> filter_vhost = true
Great, and apart from that, is the virtualhost configuration obsolete in
mailman3? I noticed that when you create a new list, you already have to
append the domain, so this looks to me as if this is now implicit.


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