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I'm trying to set up Topics for a Mailman 2.1.33 list I administer, and I'm a tad confused.

There appears to be no combination of options to allow a member of a list to see _only_ non-topic-specific postings.

If you select one or more topics of interest, you will receive the postings under those topics.  You will not receive any _topic-specific_ postings that do not match your selections.  Furthermore, if you have also set "Do you want to receive messages that do not match any topic filter?" to 'Yes', you will also receive all messages that are _not_ associated with a topic.  Otherwise, you will receive _only_ the postings associated with your selected topics.  (This appears to function as expected.)

However, if you have not selected any topics, you will receive all postings, whether topic-specific or not, regardless the setting of "Do you want to receive messages that do not match any topic filter?".

I would like to offer the members of my lists the option of receiving:
  1. All of the postings to the list [All topic categories selected + no-match filter=Yes]   2. Specific topics and all non-topic postings [At least one topic category selected + no-match filter=Yes]   3. Specific topics only [At least one topic category selected + no-match filter=No]   4. Only _non-topic_ postings [No topic categories selected + no-match filter=No]

Apparently that is not the heuristic being applied.  If no topic categories are selected, the no-match filter setting is ignored (i.e. defaults to 'Yes') effectively delivering all listserver traffic to that user, and eliminating option 4.  This is "as documented" and embarrassingly empirically demonstrated.  :-/

There seems to be no obvious way to say "I want to see only those postings that are not topic-specific".

If I put the list's subject_prefix in as the Topic1 regexp (escaped as necessary), would the member be able to select it and specify 'no-match filter=No' to receive _only_ the non-topic-specific postings?  (I would test this question myself, but see "embarrassingly empirically demonstrated", above.)

If this question has already been addressed in a document somewhere, please point me to it.


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