On 11/6/20 12:07 PM, Brian Carpenter wrote:
> I am a cPanel host that offers Mailman 2 hosting and I have seen disk
> storage accumulate, even for those lists that have archiving turned off.
> The storage usage is most likely coming from the attachment directory.
> You can ask your ISP to periodically clean it out for you.

If, as stated, scrub_nondigest is No, the only attachments that should
be stored are those scrubbed from plain format digests. Unfortunately, I
think there's no way to avoid this other than training the users to send
plain text only (an impossible task on most lists), because I think the
plain text digest is created even if it has no recipients.

You can set Digest options -> digestable to No and force everyone to
subscribe to messages, but that may not be acceptable.

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