I have a list running on Mailman 2.1.26.  For this list I want everybody 
moderated except for people who’s email address is from a specific domain.  Is 
there a way to specify a domain that will bypass moderation?  What I plan on 
doing right now is to manually check or uncheck the “mod” checkbox for all 
individual subscribers as needed.  The problem is that manual intervention is 
required to make sure new subscriptions are configured with the correct “mod” 
setting.  I want to avoid the manual intervention.   Under the Sender Filters 
section there is a setting for Non-member filters that allows you to specify a 
regex for accept_these_nonmembers.  There is no such regex for members to 
automatically accept their posts.  If there were such an option I would set 
emergency moderation of the list and then set the regex for the desired domain. 
 Unless I can find a place to set a regex for a domain to automatically accept 
posts from members, I will stick to manually setting the “mod” checkbox for all 

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