On Mon, Dec 07, 2020 at 04:08:28PM +0000, Jonathan M wrote:
> More generally, does anyone in the Mailman world have an opinion on
> Mailgun and similar services? 

Because Mailgun is US-owned and therefore subject to the Cloud Act,
using Mailgun (or any other US-owned SaaS) may cause GDPR issues.
Depends whose personal data you would be giving to Mailgun; what kind of
data; justifications for giving it to them, etc.

See, e.g.:



If any of your users are EU/EEA residents, you might therefore prefer to
use a system under the ultimate control of an entity based in the

(I wouldn't say I'm "in the Mailman world" except that I use Mailman
sometimes.  But I hope you don't mind me making the point above, because
it's an important one that might otherwise not get mentioned.)

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