On 1/13/21 4:04 AM, Lars Bjørndal wrote:
> For one list I'm administrating, I want to have two aliases, and I'm
> unsure how to format the acceptable_aliases value. Is it correct this way?
> acceptable_aliases = 'us...@example.com',
>   'us...@list.example.com'

Via the web UI, just put the addresses only, one per line, no quotes, no
commas in Privacy options... -> Recipient filters -> acceptable_aliases.

Via config_list, your example would be

acceptable_aliases = ['us...@example.com', 'us...@list.example.com']

I.e, this is a Python list. However, your example raises a question.
These values are not user addresses. They are alternate addresses for
mailing to the list but not having the post held for "implicit
destination".  As a simple example, suppose posts to l...@example.com
can also be sent to prior-n...@example.com because that address also
delivers to the list. For this, you would put prior-n...@example.com in

Is this what you want to do?

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