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//I am the list administrator for a GNU Mailman list of about 750 psychotherapists, most of them aged 60- to 80-years-old.//
//These are very, very capable people -- not all of whom are highly computer-savvy.//
//I was recently aghast to discover that not only does Hotmail still exist (!?), but that about 40 of our active members have Hotmail accounts.  (!!!???)//
//The following is a fix for how Hotmail users can set up "Safe Mailing Lists" so as to keep your mailing lists from being blocked by Hotmail.  I pursued this after checking with Microsoft to make sure my domain was not being entirely blocked as a spammer domain.//
//Just in case you have any Hotmail users...//
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Dear Hotmail Users:

A few weeks ago I wrote asking for feedback as to whether or not you are receiving the Clinicians Exchange email list messages. Some Hotmail users wrote back that they ARE receiving list messages.  Some Hotmail users wrote back that they ARE NOT receiving list messages.  This has been a perplexing problem.  I believe we now have a fix (read on to see what to do).

The issue is that Hotmail (and Outlook) have an automatic filter rule that filters out all mailing lists where the mailing list address is not your individual address.  So anything addressed to "clinicians-excha...@clinicians-exchange.org" is thrown away since its not addressed to your individual email address (such as "sm...@smith.com" -- even though you are on the list).  I believe that Hotmail seems to just discard everything to the "bit bucket in the sky" without an error message and without placing such messages in a Junk or Spam folder for possible retrieval.

This is specifically a Hotmail problem and is correctable in a non-obvious way requiring many steps.

Here are the steps in written form.  I have attached a .pdf document with the steps illustrated by pictures:

*Setting Up "Safe Mailing Lists" In Hotmail and Outlook**
STEP #1: From the Inbox of your online Hotmail or Outlook email account, click on the "Settings" wheel in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

STEP #2: In the "Settings" dropdown control dialogue box on the right-hand side of the screen, scroll down to the bottom of the list (likely off-screen when you first start) and select "View all Outlook Settings".

STEP #3: When the controls for "View all Outlook settings" pop-up in a dialogue box, click on "Junk Mail".

STEP #4: When the "Junk Mail" controls dialogue box pops-up, scroll down to the "Safe Mailing Lists" section (which will likely be off-screen until you scroll down).

STEP #5: Click on "Add".  Enter "clinicians-excha...@lists.clinicians-exchange.org" and press the "Enter" key on your keyboard.  Click on "Add" again and enter "clinicians-excha...@clinicians-exchange.org" and press the "Enter" key again.  Make sure to click the blue "Save" button at the bottom right of the screen.

You are done!  Close dialogue boxes and go back to your inbox.

Please see attached .pdf for an illustrated version.

Some Hotmail users seem to have no problem receiving our list even when these "Safe Mailing List" steps are not implemented.  It's weird.

Michael Reeder
Moderator Team
PREFERRED: clinicians-exchange-ow...@clinicians-exchange.org
PERSONAL: mich...@hygeiacounseling.com

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