David Morse wrote:

>Debian advised me to create a mailing list called "mailman" after
>installing mailman, saying that mailman wouldn't work until it had at
>least one list to go off of.  Now that I have another list, called
>something other than "mailman", is it OK to delete the list named
>"mailman"?  (And thus have no publicly accessible lists?)

Actually, Mailman won't work without the specific site list. You can
change its name by asigning a different name to MAILMAN_SITE_LIST in
mm_cfg.py. You can set this list to unadvertized and require approval
for subscription (on Privacy options...), but you need it.
bin/mailmanctl checks for it and won't start qrunners if it is
missing. It doesn't have to be publicly accessible in any way or allow
posting, but it should have a valid e-mail address as its owner. It is
used for mailing password reminders, and certain notifications are
sent to its -owner.

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