Dan Mashal wrote:

>Is there any way to change only one at a time (i.e. only the
>web_page_url) value while using the withlist/fix_url script?

No, it is designed to do both.

>For example I have the list using xxx.com but the list is hosted on
>How would I have a url host of mailman.yyy.com with the list using a
>hostname of xxx.com?

Properly configure your add_virtualhost directives in mm_cfg.py. E.g.

add_virtual_host(mailman.yyy.com, xxx.com)

Then when you run

bin/withlist -l -r fix_url <listname> -u mailman.yyy.com

it will set the host in web_page_url to mailman.yyy.com and host_name
to xxx.com.

If this is not possible, you can set web_page_url with fix_url and then
manually change host_name via the admin web interface, or you can set
web_page_url directly via config_list with an input file like for

web_page_url = 'http://mailman.yyy.com/mailman/'

or you could do a similar thing with interactive withlist.

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