Hi list,

Somebody suggested me ask the mailman folks this question.

My google official account username is <b...@domain.com> but I have verified and activated another email address "sam...@domain2.com" . I am able to originate email with "sam...@domain2.com" in the "from" email but mailman still rejects the message claiming "Sorry, only subscribers may post." Mailman thinks I am not a member of the list and is considering me "b...@domain.com" even though I can see in the bounce that "sam...@domain2.com" is in the From portion of the header. The SMTP header of the bounce claims "Received-SPF: pass", "Return-Path: <b...@domain.com>", and "Sender: <b...@domain.com>"

When I send the same mail through a domain I administer the email "sam...@domain2.com" is properly identified.

Is there anything more I can configure to appease mailman's legitimacy checking?


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