On 05/05/2013 06:19 AM, Krylov Ivan wrote:
> I'm running a mailing list with several webmail client users who
> chose to receive digests. How should they properly send replies, so
> they get in the proper thread?

There are several ways.

1) Subscribe to the MIME format digest and use a mail client that
understands the MIME digest format and allows you to reply to
individual message attachments in the digest.
2) Generate the reply by going to the message in the list's archives
and replying via the mailto: link (from the author's email address)
3) Make sure the Subject: of the reply matches the Subject: of the
message being replied to (only works in Mailman 2.1.14 and newer).

> Can somebody please point me at the logic which Mailman uses to 
> determine the target thread of a given message? Does it only look
> for In-Reply-To: header, or it uses some heuristics which can be
> used by digested webmail users?

Mailman threads first by In-Reply-To: header, second by References:
header and third (only since 2.1.14) by Subject: header.

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