For, we have always had gatewaying between Usenet and
mailman for quite a few lists, e.g., help-gnu-emacs and bug-gnu-utils.

When a message is gatewayed *from* Usenet to the mailing list, Mailman
evidently omits any of the usual moderation features
(generic_nonmember_action and the like).  Mark (Sapiro) mentioned this
and it's also the behavior that we have always seen.  Evidently due to
the inq.enqueue call in gate_news, around line 179 in 2.1.15.

However, spam does get posted to Usenet, and we don't want it to simply
be blindly injected into the mailing lists.  The workaround we've been
using is to add "Newsgroups:" to the "Spam Filter Regexp" with
Action=Hold for header_filter_rules (in Privacy Options > Spam filters).

That holds the incoming posts from Usenet.  But the downside is
significant: every Usenet post is held, even when it would otherwise be
approved (e.g., it comes from a known whitelisted address).

So, we would really like to have posts from Usenet be subject to the
normal mailman moderation rules (for purposes of both holding and
accepting messages).  Is it feasible to hack gate_news to make that
happen?  Help?  Unfortunately my own mailman-fu is not nearly up to the
job :(.

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