I'm pleased to announce the third candidate release for Mailman 2.1.18.
This fixes a few bugs since discovered since the second release candidate.

Python 2.4 is the minimum supported, but Python 2.7 is recommended.

Please submit any i18n updates before May 1 to get them in the final

This release has new features to help with mitigation of the impacts of
DMARC on mailing lists.

There is also a new dependency associated with these features. Namely,
the new Privacy options -> Sender filters -> dmarc_moderation_action
feature requires that the dnspython <http://www.dnspython.org/> package
be available in Python.

There are also bug fixes.

See the attached README for more details.

Mailman is free software for managing email mailing lists and
e-newsletters. Mailman is used for all the python.org and
SourceForge.net mailing lists, as well as at hundreds of other sites.

For more information, please see:


Mailman 2.1.18rc1 can be downloaded from


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2.1.18rc3 (25-Apr-2014)

  Bug fixes and other patches

    - The Reply-To: munging options weren't honored if there was no
      from_is_list action.  (LP: #1313010)

    - Changed from_is_list actions to insert the list address in Cc: if the
      list is fully personalized.  Otherwise, the list address is only in
      From: and Reply-To: overrides it.  (LP: #1312970)

    - Fixed the Munge From action to only Munge the From: and/or Reply-To: in
      the outgoing message and not in archives, digests and messages sent via
      the usenet gateway.  (LP: #1311431)

2.1.18rc2 (19-Apr-2014)

  Bug fixes and other patches

    - The new Utils.IsDMARCProhibited() used collections.defaultdict which
      requires Python 2.5.  Changed to use a dict and setdefault.

2.1.18rc1 (18-Apr-2014)


    - There is a new dependency associated with the new Privacy options ->
      Sender filters -> dmarc_moderation_action feature discussed below.
      This requires that the dnspython <http://www.dnspython.org/> package
      be available in Python.  This package can be downloaded from the above
      site or from the CheeseShop <https://pypi.python.org/pypi/dnspython/>
      or installed with pip.

  New Features

    - The from_is_list feature introduced in 2.1.16 is now unconditionally
      available to list owners.  There is also, a new Privacy options ->
      Sender filters -> dmarc_moderation_action feature which applies to list
      messages where the From: address is in a domain which publishes a DMARC
      policy of reject or possibly quarantine.  This is a list setting with
      values of Accept, Wrap Message, Munge From, Reject or Discard. There is
      a new DEFAULT_DMARC_MODERATION_ACTION configuration setting to set the
      default for this, and the list admin UI is not able to set an action
      which is 'less' than the default.  The prior ALLOW_FROM_IS_LIST setting
      has been removed and is effectively always Yes. There is a new
      DMARC_QUARANTINE_MODERATION_ACTION configuration setting which defaults
      to Yes but can be set to No to exclude domains with DMARC policy of
      quarantine from dmarc_moderation_action.

      dmarc_moderation_action and from_is_list interact in the following way.
      If the message is From: a domain to which dmarc_moderation_action applies
      and if dmarc_moderation_action is other than Accept,
      dmarc_moderation_action applies to that message.  Otherwise the
      from_is_list action applies.


    - Added missing <mm-digest-question-start> tag to French listinfo template.
      (LP: #1275964)

  Bug Fixes and other patches

    - Fixed a long standing issue in which a notice sent to a user whose
      language is other than that of the list can cause subsequent things
      which should be in the list's language to be in the user's language
      instead.  (LP: #1308655)

    - Fixed the admin Membership List so a search string if any is not lost
      when visiting subsequent fragments of a chunked list.  (LP: #1307454)

    - For from_is_list feature, use email address from original From: if
      original From: has no display name and strip domain part from resultant
      names that look like email addresses.  (LP: #1304511)

    - Added the list name to the vette log "held message approved" entry.
      (LP: 1295875)

    - Added the CGI module name to various "No such list" error log entries.
      (LP: 1295875)

    - Modified contrib/mmdsr to report module name if present in "No such list
      error log entries.

    - Fixed a NameError exception in cron/nightly_gzip when it tries to print
      the usage message.  (LP: #1291038)

    - Fixed a bug in ListAdmin._handlepost that would crash when trying to
      preserve a held message for the site admin if HOLD_MESSAGES_AS_PICKLES
      is False.  (LP: #1282365)

    - The from_is_list header munging feature introduced in Mailman 2.1.16 is
      no longer erroneously applied to Mailman generated notices.
      (LP: #1279667)

    - Changed the message from the confirm CGI to not indicate approval is
      required for an acceptance of an invitation.  (LP: #1277744)

    - Fixed POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS to be case-insensitiive.
      (LP: #1267003)

    - Added recognition for another simple warning to bounce processing.
      (LP: #1263247)

    - Fixed a few failing tests in tests/test_handlers.py.  (LP: #1262950)

    - Fixed bin/arch to not create scrubbed attachments for messages skipped
      when processing the --start= option.  (LP: #1260883)

    - Fixed email address validation to do a bit better in obscure cases.
      (LP: #1258703)

    - Fixed a bug which caused some authentication cookies to expire too soon
      if AUTHENTICATION_COOKIE_LIFETIME is non-zero.  (LP: #1257112)
    - Fixed a possible TypeError in bin/sync_members introduced in 2.1.17.
      (LP: #1243343)


    - Added to the contrib directory, a script from Alain Williams to count
      posts in a list's archive.

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