I don't know if anyone else here is using the Vote-MM RSS patch, but
I've been using it to generate RSS feeds for selected lists for the last
couple of years.

Today, I found a bug in it, and a friend who knows Python was kind
enough to fix it for me.  Upstream is defunct and there's no way for me
to post this at the project site on SourceForge either, so for the
benefit of anyone else who might be using it, I'm going to post the fix

In the patch, this line:
if (self.maillist.real_name not in mm_cfg.RSS_LISTS):

Should be changed to this line:
if (self.maillist.real_name.lower() not in [list.lower() for list in

This ensures you get a case-insensitive match on list names.  Without
this if the "real_name" gets any changes in case, it won't match the
corresponding entry in mm_cfg.py

Here's a copy of the patch, with the fix, against MM 2.1.18:

To use it, you patch HyperArch.py with it, and add the following to

# RSS Feeds
RSS_LISTS = ['list1', 'list2', 'list3']

# Mails included in the RSS

- Ron
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