On 09/18/2016 05:56 PM, Andy Goldzweig wrote:
> in the vette log I see:
>         LISTNAME: Refused posting:
>         From: MEMBER@MYDOMAIN
>         Subject: SUBJECT
>         Reason: Your message was deemed inappropriate by the moderator.
> This person is a member of the list.
> The sender filter for moderated members is hold
> So why is the message getting rejected?

If there is a preceding message in the vette log saying this message was
held, it was rejected by moderator action. If not, there are only a
couple of possibilities.

The most likely is it is an HTML only post, the list's content filtering
doesn't accept HTML and filter_action is Reject. Note that
convert_html_to_plaintext = Yes doesn't happen unless you also accept
text/html in pass_mime_types.

Otherwise, the message may match a header_filter_rules rule with reject

There are other possibilities, but they are unlikely in this case.

However, the log message you quote above is in the format written when a
moderator rejects the post and not in the format written when a post is
automatically rejected by a handler.

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