I've searched the archives and the FAQs; if I've missed something
please point me to it.

I've got From: munging turned on, so posts to a list I administer come
"from" addresses like
John Smith via mylist <myl...@example.com>

Frequently, list users will post to the list by replying to a previous
message, and I'll end up getting a message with a To: header like

To: John Smith via mylist <myl...@example.com>

and it goes out to the list with that To: header.

Since this can be confusing, I'd like to munge the To: line as it
comes through so it ends up saying

To: My List <myl...@example.com>

Is there a way to do this through standard configuration options (and
how?), or do I need to write a handler?
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