Mark Sapiro writes:

 > What I've seen recently is massive non-member posts in chinese to
 > from addresses of the form

Eh! ^^^ Barry is not going to be pleased! :^)


For future reference, does not appear to support mailboxes with
intelligible names (actually those are phone numbers or perhaps hashed
phone numbers, I think).  

 > and some at

Again for reference, both of these Chinese domains have real people
using them :-( and have long histories of tolerating spamming. :-( :-(
Fortunately for me, my employer has a very-stupid-but-convenient-for-
this-purpose-rule-against-many-non-institutional-mailboxes, so I just
tell my Chinese students to go to Gmail or use their @university

I feel sorry for them because on the one hand recently China has
decided to ban Gmail and the VPNs they use to get to Gmail "on the
outside", and on the other @university webmail is, well, "squirrely",
but they're philosophical about it.

@infinite_scream ...

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