I have a mailman installation with over 300 lists. It is cPanel, but I am the administrator so have access to command line etc.

I have just two lists that receive a bunch of spam subscribes each day -- hundreds of them, in fact. For some reason -- which is good, they are held, so don't go through, not quite sure why. Two questions -- first is there a file I can erase for each list that will get rid of all the held subscriptions, without breaking anything else. I tried once, and my installation broke -- don't know if it is related, but don't want to try again unless I do it right.

Secondly, there is some commonality in the subscribe addresses, are there strings I can use to discard the subscribes so I never have to see them.

Below are examples, there is a common word, or a common word, a period ., and another common word, then a plus sign + then a 4 5 or 6 character word, all alpha, and @gmail.com
Here are examples:


If I could knock these out, it would be helpful. This has happened several times previously, but has always stopped after a few weeks. This time it has been a couple months.

Finally, I know it is probably too late in the Mailman2 cycle to get a new feature, but in the web UI, it would be nice if you could delete all deferred subscriptions. You can do so with deferred messages, that are held, but not subscriptions.



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