We’ve found recently that more often than not when we approve a message from 
its details view, after we click Submit, it goes to another page that’s not 
part of mailman. It goes to the root of our cpanel, ie same url minus the 
/mailman/... part, but displays the correct url in the address bar. We can 
reliably approve messages from the summary page.

Is this a mailman fault? Cpanel fault? DNS?

Whatever it is, it doesn’t do it for every message. Sometimes the message will 
be approved properly, and it’ll return to the summary view. When it does go 
wrong, even repeating it 10 times still fails, so it appears to be somehow 
triggered by particular messages. And that also discounts a DNS fault?

We have long had an issue where it displays a 404 error when we try to approve, 
but that was rare. This problem happens for most messages.

Ideas for diagnosis?

Peter Shute

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