Remote Server returned '550 5.6.0 CAT.InvalidContent.Exception:
ExchangeDataException, Decoding of header Subject failed+ADs- raw value:
cannot handle content of message
It looks like the Subject: header of the message is in Greek and is
RFC2047 encoded in the iso-8859-7 character set.

For some reason, Hotmail doesn't accept this.

That happened since September 10th this year. Before, all received
without problem.
This is a Hotmail (Microsoft) issue. I don't know if communicating with
them would help or not.

You could change Mailman's encoding for Greek from iso-8859-7 to utf-8,
but this is an involved process. You have to recode Mailman's
messages/el/LC_MESSAGES/mailman.po and templates/el/* and any custom
templates from iso-8859-7 to utf-8, run msgfmt to recompile
messages/el/LC_MESSAGES/ and also recode any Greek strings in
the list configurations. There is a script at
<>  (mirrored at
<>) that can help with
this last step.

I also don't know that changing the encoding from iso-8859-7 to utf-8
will help with this Hotmail issue or not, but it might be worth a try.
OK, I'll try it.
Thank you for your answer.
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