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Hello good people,

Which of the many HOWTOs online is the recommended one for integrating
Captcha with mailman-2.1.34?

We use the new text cased Captcha feature:

# Use a custom question-answer CAPTCHA to protect against subscription spam.
# Has no effect unless SUBSCRIBE_FORM_SECRET is set.
# Should be set to a dict mapping language keys to a list of pairs
# of questions and regexes for the answers, e.g.
#   'en': [
#     ('What is two times six?', '(12|twelve)'),
#     ('What is this mailing list software called?', '[Mm]ailman'),
#   ],
#   'de': [
#     ('Was ist 3 mal 6?', '(18|achtzehn)'),
#   ],
# }
# The regular expression must match the full string, i.e., it is implicitly
# acting as if it had "^" in the beginning and "$" at the end.
# An 'en' key must be present and is used as fall-back if there are no
# questions for the currently set language.

Just uncomment that and add your question/answer pairs.
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