On 1/5/21 3:14 PM, Mike Wertheim wrote:
> Questions...
> 1) Given my description of the initial problem, is  "Full Personalization"
> the best way to fix the issue?


> 2) Is there a way to fix the issue that doesn't involve rewriting the
> headers so that the email list address is in the "Cc" field?

Yes, just set the list to personalize Yes rather than Full
Personalization. This will also cause Mailman to send list messages (but
not digests) with one recipient per transaction without rewriting the
To: header.

However, a better solution is for the hosting provider to set


in mm_cfg.py which will cause all mail from Mailman to be VERPed for
better bounce recognition and will also send all mail with 1 recipient
per transaction.

> 3) Would upgrading to Mailman 3 help fix this issue in a better way?

Except for the detail of how you set verp delivery, Mailman 3 is the
same as Mailman 2.1 in this respect.

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