On Mon, 18 Jan 2021 at 18:44, Vicki Mieth <vicki_mi...@cox.net> wrote:

> Has anyone installed mailman on a GoDaddy based website?  Did you have
> problems?
> I need this functionality, but I'm not that much of a techie to feel
> comfortable without asking someone who has done this before.
> Thank you.
Hi Vicki,

Mailman generally requires:
1. Python (v3 now, since v2 is EoLed)
2. A Database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLIte)
3. An SMTP server to process the e-mails to/from the mailing list(s)
4. A webserver engine (Apache, nginx, lighttpd) to serve the web UI for its
various purposes.

If the Godaddy based website meets the above requirements, then you are
very close to installing Mailman!
If Godaddy offers it as a package, then why not??

Best regards,
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