Hi MailMate users,

I've received a report about a problem with setting the default email client on El Capitan, but I'm unsure if it's a general problem. I can reproduce it myself, but maybe that is a coincidence. I'm skeptical because my experiments indicate that this is not a MailMate issue, but a general OS X issue (on my machine).

I've created an executable to make it easier to analyze the issue which can be found [here](https://github.com/freron/defaultmailer). It's a quick hack based on a github repository created by someone else for creating an executable for switching default browser.

The following is a direct link to the [executable](https://github.com/freron/defaultmailer/blob/master/build/defaultmailer?raw=true).

So, users on El Capitan with some experience with Terminal are invited to try the following:

1. Fetch the [executable](https://github.com/freron/defaultmailer/blob/master/build/defaultmailer?raw=true).
2. Open a Terminal window and switch to the folder of the executable.
3. Run this command to make it executable:

                chmod u+x defaultmailer
4. Run the command to see the current default:


5. Assuming it's MailMate then do this:

                ./defaultmailer -set mail
6. Verify the setting like this:


7. Wait more than 10 seconds and then verify again:


For me (and one other user) it has returned to `mailmate` in step 7. If that doesn't happen for you then try again since I think it might work the first time depending on the state of the so-called LaunchServices.

None of this requires Mail or MailMate to be running. It can all be reproduced using either Mail or MailMate to switch default email client, but note that Apple Mail needs to be relaunched to reflect that the setting reverts (in the General preferences pane).

Only reply on the list if you think it's of general interest, that is, I would like to avoid a hundred “me to” emails on the list :-) Off list, anything is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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