Hi MailMate users,

I recently wrote a [blog post](http://blog.freron.com/2013/mavericks-gmail-apple-mail-and-mailmate/) about how an IMAP email client can handle the non-standard IMAP used by Google (Gimap). I wrote it because Apple Mail in Mavericks now tries to handle it gracefully, but their solution seems to have a lot of side-effects.

This is certainly not an unsolvable problem, but the challenge for me has been to solve it without creating a Gmail client instead of an IMAP client. Read the blog post for the details of the problem. I just wanted to notify any adventurous users that the latest test version of MailMate also includes an implementation of the theoretical solution for the “[Gmail]/All Mail” mailbox described in the blog post.

The test version also enables the experimental support for the so-called IMAP Condstore extension by default. This makes the Gmail workaround more efficient.

After MailMate has updated then edit your Gmail account and click “Edit Subscriptions”. Locate “[Gmail]/All Mail” and subscribe.

The expected result is a “[Gmail]/All Mail” mailbox which contains all messages *not* in any of the other subscribed mailboxes. In other words, still no duplicate messages in MailMate.

The goal is to allow “[Gmail]/All Mail” to be subscribed by default (it is still unsubscribed by default). It can then probably also be used as the designated “Archive” folder for Gmail accounts making MailMate behave as most users probably expect.

I hope this makes sense. It's a tricky problem, but the goal is to make it seem simple. Now, the user only has to tell MailMate which Gmail labels should be interpreted as tags.

Let me know if you try this feature (whether or not it works for you).

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