On 20 Mar 2015, at 11:00, Max Andersen wrote:

I'm back to have mails stuck in my outbox.


This time is in mailmate after hibernation (laptop ran out of battery) for
a few hours.

And these messages were sent using “Send Later”?

What do you need for debugging this case ?

There is also a “State” column for the messages outline. Does that tell you anything?

Does a relaunch of MailMate fix the issue?

If I remember correctly you had to duplicate before you could send. Could you leave one of the originals in the mailbox (given they are not sent on a relaunch).

Be quick before I have to send these ;)

Sorry about the delay. I went for a run during the partial solar eclipse in Copenhagen today. Couldn't see anything though (cloudy). I guess I'll have to hope for better weather when the next total solar eclipse hits Denmark in 2142 ;-)

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