On 16 Feb 2016, at 21:26, Phill Coxon wrote:

In the Smart Mailbox configuration screen there is an option to “Export to Folder”.

Is someone able to confirm that this will only export an email to the folder? It can’t be used to export attachments?

That's not quite true.

I would like to process incoming emails and if they have attachments which meet a certain criteria (name, subject contains…, from email address etc) have the attachments automatically saved in Dropbox.

The strange “All Message Subparts” mailbox (under “All Messages”) can be used to do this, but it's tricky. You'll need to first create a smart mailbox matching the emails you need. Then create another smart mailbox based on “All Messages Subparts” which matches any parts for which the root part is in the first smart mailbox. It looks like this:

![](cid:DEB39F8F-5E9C-46E7-A331-49A7B061F864@freron.com "PastedImage.png")

You can add other conditions here, especially with regard to the Content-Type, e.g., only those matching `image` or `application/pdf`.

Finally, add a rule to export to the second smart mailbox.

I think you need the latest beta in order to get proper filenames for these files.

If the “Export to Folder” is only for email can anyone advise another way to achieve this?

I'm afraid there is no easier way to do this now.

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