I just realized that moving to junk mailbox and marking as junk are 2 different and independent things. Does anybody knows what triggers each? I expected mail moved to the junk mailbox automatically tagged as junk and mail tagged as junk automatically moved to the junk mailbox. Well, I should add that indeed sometimes moving a message to the junk mailbox marks it as junk as well.

There is also usability issue. I can put messages into the junk mailbox using the button on the toolbar, the right-click popup on the message, or an item in the message menu. However, it seems that the only way to mark message as junk is to actually open it and click "mark as junk" on the yellow bar, which seems to be shown only for messages that are already in the junk mailbox (when I click move to junk while having the message open, the yellow bar does not appear until I close the message and open it again).

Confusing and mysterious...

The reason for my struggle is that I am trying to set up smart mailboxes that exclude junk mail. I can easily set up a condition to exclude mail flagged as $Junkk but I do not see a way to say: show all mail in this mailbox excluding mailbox Junk.

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