On 17 Sep 2016, at 1:38, Robert Brenstein wrote:

I upgraded today to v2ß build 6056. I am now seeing lots of spinning pizza when I just scroll up or down thru the expanded smart mailboxes. There seems to be no pattern. Sometimes, I can scroll for a while then, scrolling stops and I see pizza for some 10-15 secs, after which the scrolling continues on its own. Sometimes, I get pizza right away. Sometimes, I can scroll up and down as I wish with no issues. The unexpected pauses are long enough that they are quite annoying.

During such a hang you can run this command from a Terminal window and then send the file to me (off list):

        sample MailMate 5 -f ~/Desktop/sample_mailmate.txt

There should be no difference between 1.9.5 and 2.0BETA at this time which means the problem might be more widespread.

*To all mailing list members: I won't be much online during the weekend although I'll keep an eye for any serious issues.*

Just in case someone needs to downgrade. Here is [version 1.9.4](http://updates.mailmate-app.com/archives/MailMate_r5249.tbz).

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