Title: Re: [MlMt] junk mail wagaries
On 17.09.2016 at 7:58 Uhr +0200 Benny Kjær Nielsen apparently wrote:
Well, I should add that indeed sometimes moving a message to the junk mailbox marks it as junk as well.
That should work every time. It might help to enable the "Raw Flags" column in the messages list if you want to see exactly which flags have been applied.

I turned on the "raw flags" column. I see the following combinations

$Junk \Recent \Seen
$Junk \Recent
$Junk \Seen
\Recent \Seen

Out of 380 messages in the Junk mailbox only 15 have $Junk flag. Most are \Recent or \Recent \Seen. I wonder whether having messages in Junk without $Junk flag might have sth to do with my using POP client to move the messages to junk mailbox on another computer, although I thought that POP does such things locally only.

I somehow missed the "Junk state" item in the menus. In truth, I was looking for "Mark as Junk," in parallel to "Mark as read" and "Mark as Junk" on the yellow bar. Such inconsistencies can be stumbling blocks for new users.

Ah, it's a single message window issue. In the main window the email would be moved out of the currently displayed mailbox and therefore it does not have this issue. I've noted this.

May be you should really add the 2-pane view to MailMate as suggested in the other thread, so the "3-pane view without message pane" is always properly considered in its own rights.

By default, the Junk mailbox is excluded from most mailboxes including "All Messages", but the Mailboxes pane in the mailbox editor also allows you to use a "None" group method which allows you to do something like this:

I just checked and you are right about "All Messages". I was using the source account instead of all, so I do not need to add additional conditions checking which account the mail was sent to.

    Some Mailbox

I actually tried that before posting and thought that it did not work because I still saw a ton of junk messages, but as I checked more thoroughly now, those junk messages are not in the Junk mailbox. On the other hand, it seems that this condition is responsible or at least contributes to the spinning pizza issue which I reported separately. After I activated this condition, I see spinning pizza for up to 1 minute.

I haven't figured yet why using the source account with the above gives me like 1300 messages in the smart mailbox, whereas using "all messages" and checking whether any recipient is my address for that account gives me 750 messages. I know I get some mail forwarded which is not addressed to me and I get some mail that is using alternative versions of my address, but that should not be so many.

I must say that while smart mailboxes are fantastic for some stuff, sorting incoming mail into usable groups is definitely more complicated with IMAP or I haven't adjusted by mental processes into the proper frame yet. As I keep using MailMate, the smart mailbox definitions are getting more and more complex and there is more and more co-dependencies added (one smart mailbox depending on content of another smart mailbox which depends on content of other mailboxes and/or smart mailboxes).

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