On 19.09.2016 at 14:42 Uhr +0200 Benny Kjær Nielsen apparently wrote:
Note that although MailMate follows some conventions when handling junk mail (such as marking them automatically $Junk when they are moved to the Junk mailbox) then this might not happen when using other email client. They might use less standard keywords or nothing at all.

I do not use any other IMAP client. My other client is POP only. As far as I know, it marks the mails only as read on the server. MailMate must be moving them later to the junk mailbox - I am turning on Mailmate only sporadically.

Ok, you can use the following line in a Terminal window to create a sample report for me (off list):

sample MailMate 5 -f ~/Desktop/sample_mailmate.txt

(Do it while MailMate is hanging.)

After those long hangs that I reported, I keep getting the pizza spinning but too short each time for me to switch to terminal and execute the command. If I catch it, I send it to you.

Yes, you can do ridiculously complex things with smart mailboxes, but I would certainly recommend to try to keep it as simple as possible.

It is not so simple to make it simple when the incoming stuff is complicated and not orthogonal.

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