On 19 Sep 2016, at 16:38, Robert Brenstein wrote:

I do not use any other IMAP client. My other client is POP only. As far as I know, it marks the mails only as read on the server. MailMate must be moving them later to the junk mailbox - I am turning on Mailmate only sporadically.

So, you're telling me that MailMate not only moves emails automatically to the Junk mailbox, but it also forgets to mark them as `$Junk`?

That's certainly not expected behavior.

Do you use SpamSieve? (This is the only thing, by default, which could trigger MailMate to move something if you have not configured any rules yourself.)

A few IMAP servers have very limited support for IMAP keywords and it's possible they could be involved in “forgetting” the `$Junk` keyword, but I don't think it's the most likely explanation.

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