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Yesterday, at home, I moved messages to an “archive” folder on my IMAP account. Today, at work, these messages are not displayed in the same “archive” folder by MailMate but are displayed on the web mail. How can I get these messages on my work version of Mailmate? I use Version 1.9.5 (5263) on OSX 10.11.6.

[Note: the names/labels of various commands and UI components used below are the English ones. If you are using a French localization of MailMate you will need to translate them, as your command of English is clearly MUCH better than my trivial knowledge of French]

I'm not certain what the source of the problem is, but there are 3 things that I can think of that could cause this:

1. The "archive" folder is not synchronized on your work machine. You can either find it in the folder hierarchy of the IMAP account in the Sources section of the MailMate mailbox list and synchronize it specifically (in the contextual menu or under the regular Mailbox menu) or use the menu File->Synchronize->All Sources to synchronize everything. If it fails to get synchronized regularly, the root cause could be that it is be set to synchronize only manually, which you can fix by selecting it and using the "Synchronization Schedule" submenu of the Mailbox or contextual menu.

2. The "archive" folder is not understood by MailMate on your work machine to be THE Archive folder (a single special-purpose folder) for that account, and you are looking at the Archive->AccountName folder in the Mailboxes section of MailMate's mailbox list, which is some other folder in that account. To tell MailMate that a specific IMAP folder should be treated as one of the 5 special-purpose folders recognized by MailMate, select the folder in the Sources section of the mailbox list and use the Mailbox Type submenu of the contextual or Mailbox menu.

3. You are not subscribed to the "archive" folder on your work machine. Select the account in the Sources section of the MailMate mailbox list and use the "Edit IMAP Account" option from the contextual or Mailbox menu to open the IMAP Account Settings window. In the center section of that window there is an "Edit Subscriptions..." button that opens a panel listing all of the folders in the IMAP account and their subscription states, both in the server's subscription list and in MailMate's own internal list that governs which folders you actually see (and which get synchronized) in the Sources section of the MailMate mailbox list. This seems to me to be an unlikely cause, since an unsubscribed folder would not be missing messages, it would be be entirely absent.
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