Hello Sherif

Your suggestion (very?) hack-y way of using the Visualizer work fine.

I followed your instructions on enabling the Visualizer.

I selected the range of messages that I needed.

Started the Visualize command.

Opened a terminal window and executed the Open command on the resulting csv file.

Because I have Excel as my default application for csv files. Excel made using the csv file contents very easy.

To make this simpler I created a shell script to open the cvs file.

cat ./bin/OpenMainMateVisualize.sh
open ../../var/folders/ts/grmqglgs7zd1nwgy9gwznz2c0000gp/T//com.freron.MailMate.Visualize.csv

thanks a lot.


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On 4 Oct 2016, at 11:38, Robert Booth wrote:

Hello Mailmate

I am looking for a method of listing all of the messages in a MailBox,
the mail box happens to be a Smart Mail box with conditions applied.

What I need is a print out or copy the list of the mail messages, a
summary of the messages not the messages themselves.

This is the combo box displaying the list of the messages, it includes
the new flag, flag field, From, Subject, Date Received or any other
fields that are selected for display.

Note that I have searched the Mailmate list archive and have not found
an answer to my question.

Is it possible to get this list in a text format?

There is a (very?) hack-y way of getting what you want, or almost what
you want. It should be good enough if this is a one-off thing you need
to do, but it won't be a good solution if you need to do this often, or
if the unread and flagged fields are critical to you.

First, install the Visualize bundle (which you can do from the
Preferences window ➝ Bundles pane).

Once it's installed, go to the mailbox you want to list, disable
Organize by Thread (otherwise messages 'nested' under the thread won't
be included) and turn off thread arcs if they're on (to make things go

Select all messages (say, with Command-a), then click on Command menu
➝ Visualize ➝ Emails by time.

What happens next is that MailMate will open a Safari window with some
visualizations of the emails you selected. You're not actually
interested in the visualizations, you're interested in the url in
Safari. If you look at the end of the url, you'll find a path to a csv
file that the plugin is using to make plots. For example:


You can open that path and find the csv file. The file has name, email, subjectLine, mailer, and localDateTime fields information for the emails
you listed.

Like I said, a hack-y way.

I hope this helps. If I'm missing a much easier way of doing this, then
it would be great if someone shared it.

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