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I have MM installed on a desktop MacPro with SpamSieve and on a laptop in the drone config. One iCloud and two Gmail accounts are setup identically on both. The desktop shows a higher number of flagged messages than the laptop. The higher count is due to multiple copies of the same messages on the desktop. If I delete one of the dupes, it removes all copies of the same message. Can you explain or help?

If it's the Gmail account(s) then it might be related to whether or not you have “[Gmail]/All Mail” subscribed (in the IMAP accounts editor). This is a special folder which Gmail uses to store (almost) all emails in an account. Deleting it here could also delete it from other folders since Gmail has a non-standard no-duplicates IMAP policy.

That's probably confusing.

From the perspective of Gmail: A message can only exist in 1 folder, but it might have multiple labels.

From the perspective of an IMAP email client: The same message can appear in multiple folders because Gmail uses IMAP folders to represent labels, but if the email client moves 1 one of them to the trash folder then the duplicates in other mailboxes might also disappear since Gmail considers them to be the same as the one moved to the trash folder.

I hope that helped a bit.

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