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My provider automatically copies outgoing mail to my Sent box, so I don’t need MailMate to do it for me. How do I deactivate that?

It's not currently optional. Technically, MailMate would need to delete the message it had just sent. I've been hesitant with respect to implementing that because deleting messages automatically is inherently dangerous. Bugs or unexpected server behavior could have serious consequences. I also don't like the way, e.g., Gmail can edit a message before/after sending it and adding it to the Sent Mail mailbox.

Also, in order for such a feature to really be useful then it *shouldn't* delete the message, but instead move it to the same mailbox as the server does. Then it should detect the new message on the server and map it to the local copy without fetching the message. Otherwise, no bandwidth is saved (which is the whole point of the non-standard SMTP behavior). It's tricky to make this work well. And at least for Gmail the local sent message and the server sent message would likely not be 100% identical -- which my inner purist dislikes.

That was a bit of a rant :)

It might be possible to do something with rules to automatically delete sent messages, but it's tricky. At the very least, the Drafts mailbox should be kept offline to avoid MailMate uploading and later deleting the message. The latter could possibly trigger Gmail to also delete the Gmail-saved sent message (because of the no-duplicates policy). Even worse, due to race conditions this might not always happen and therefore could be very hard to debug.

Thanks for trying out MailMate!

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