On 16 Feb 2017, at 2:41, Robert Brenstein wrote:

I wanted to switch to MM as of the new year but I did not manage to actually get going until a week later. I just tried to import mails sent in the previous mail program, so I have all mails sent out this year in MM, but had to delete them all. The mbox file has the correct dates for all messages, but the imported messages have the date received set to the import date and time, which makes them useless for me, although I can see that logically it is when MM received them. Is there a way to import messages and have MM place them properly in time?

MailMate should only use the current date if it cannot find any date information in the emails. I suspect something else might have added headers to the messages. If I remember correctly then Gmail can do this under certain circumstances (I cannot remember the details). You can send me one of these emails off list (using “Message ▸ Forward as Attachment”) and I'll review the headers.

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