don't let my crazy ideas stop you from doing whatever simple solution you can do now - your solution described above sounds super for me even if I had to set it up on each mailbox.

I dropped this approach and decided on a different approach. I've added the minimum needed (I think) for you to do what you want, but it's a system that can be extended and made more configurable when needed. For now, you can add something like this to your key bindings:

        "x" = ( "toggleFilterKey:", "unread" );

The general idea is that a set of keys can be defined and each of these can be toggled to enable/disable various “temporary” filters. The current state is not saved between launches of MailMate. Any mailboxes based on the currently selected mailbox are also affected when toggling. It also works when selecting multiple mailboxes. There's no visual feedback on whether or not a key is enabled.

For now, the only supported key is `unread` and it's hardcoded into MailMate. This features is in the next update of MailMate.

Just tried it - This is *AMAZING* !

Mange tusind tak Benny!

Can't wait to see how this can be extended in future :)

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