You’re the second person to suggest running a local Dovecot server. One of the bits of good news in all this was that I was looking forward to letting experts worry about the server stuff. I’m not an expert, and maintaining our own server has been a nightmare. So I’m a bit allergic to the notion of continuing to run even a limited server.

But y’all are saying it’s “fairly simple”, and Fredrik Jonsson has contributed a web page he wrote that explains how to do it in detail. So thanks to you both, and I will definitely keep it in mind!

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On 12 Feb 2018, at 18:16, Rick Holzgrafe wrote:

Is there any way to preserve not just the mail, but also the tags that we have applied in Mailmate? I have explored the Application Support > Mailmate folder, but as far as I can tell the tag info is not stored there, except for a handy list of all the tag names.

The tags are stored on the server as IMAP "keywords" a.k.a. "flags."

This is a standard part of the IMAP protocol, but support for user-defined keywords/flags is sparse. MacOS X Server uses Dovecot as its IMAP server and so supports an arbitrary collection of keywords. Many email service providers (e.g. Microsoft) have IMAP keyword support so limited that it might as well not exist. Others (e.g. Google) conflate flags/keywords and folder names, so massive weirdness can occur.

BOTTOM LINE: You cannot count on a mailbox storage & access provider to support existing MailMate tags. If they use Dovecot, Cyrus, or Courier, you may be able to just drag messages across and let MM do the work. Otherwise? Who knows.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: It's fairly simple to yank the mailboxes out of the MacOS X Server mailstore and drop them into a MacPorts (or Homebrew or handmade) installation of Dovecot.
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