I am new to MailMate and switched to mm by our tech guy. He isn’t very 
accessible so here I am. I really need help setting up my folders like I 
previously had on apple mail. I want to be able to read a message and move it 
to a folder for storage and search ability later. I understand I can’t move 
them to the smart mailboxes. How would you suggest I set up my work load? For 
example, lets say I have three main projects I work with, a, b and c. The 
messages don’t arrive with any specific subject lines or from address so 
setting up smart boxes doesn’t seem feasible. I want to read them, deal with 
them and move them to say 2018 a, or March b folder for example. Respond at 
basic easy levels as I am just about over my head. I did watch all the videos I 
could find on line. Thanks.
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