On 28 Mar 2018, at 20:10, Eric Sharakan wrote:

Hi, if I see a message in the Junk folder of an account, and the SpamSieve Score column is blank, does that imply that it must have been my provider who decided it was spam and moved it on the server side?

Yes, or at least it implies that MailMate did not ask SpamSieve to evaluate it (it might have happened in another email client).

Is there any circumstance where MM in combination with SpamSieve would move a message to Junk but not give it a SpamSieve score?


I'm asking because I'm now seeing more legitimate messages being moved to the Junk folder than before I integrated SpamSieve, and I'd like to know for sure who's doing that: SpamSieve or my mail provider?

If you have something reproducible then we could generate some server logs to see if MailMate is responsible for moving them.

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