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Just for the record, I consider this the same feature as when asked about postponing or snoozing messages. Some times [“tickler (file)”](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tickler_file) is used (which I kind of like) and even “discard” (temporarily). There are probably more names. Some times the services followup.cc and Sanebox are also mentioned.

So I understand the concept of postponing messages, as I did at one time use a (now-defunct) iOS email client that did just that, but only for gmail.

But what I'm asking for goes a bit further than that. I also want to be able to preview upcoming messages, not just wait until the day they're due for them to pop into view in some way. MailTags allows for that, and even provides its own set of (somewhat configurable) smart mailboxes to see messages due today, soon, or further in the future. In addition, the messages could be color-coded by how far in the future their due date was.

I *think* most of this would be possible with the implementation I described.

Apple uses a nice trick for colored flags where up to 8 different colors can be specified using 3 IMAP keywords. These flags are named `$MailFlagBit0`, `$MailFlagBit1` and `$MailFlagBit2` and the “trick” is to use them as the bits of a number.

I didn't realize those were just named keywords; I actually thought there was an available bitfield they were utilizing. To mimic Apple Mail's fags submenu, I had created a set of smart mailboxes named for the various colors Apple used, with the condition being the appropriate combination of those three keywords. That is, until I learned about the flags>>color condition you had made available. :-)

And now you also have “Message is ▸ Flagged ▸ Red” (and family) when editing conditions.

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