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The problem here is that, because they both have the same name, if I type in "Andrew Jones" and just auto-select, then MailMate selects the most recently emailed contact, irrespective as to which account I am currently in.


Even more “problematically” is that C1 and A are on the same domain (e.g., “and...@mailmate.com” from “m...@mailmate.com”), while C2 and B are also on the same domain (e.g., “and...@gmail.com” and “m...@gmail.com”). The selection by MailMate to email C1 from B (or C2 from A) is therefore even more odd, because it is choosing to send emails “outside the organisation”. It would be nice if there was some preference towards favouring recipients on the same domain.

I think `gmail.com` (and many other email providers) is a good example of why this would not always work well.

Some times when automation fails then it's easy to think that if it just used a different strategy then all would be well, but often it just means that other usage patterns start to fail.

Is there anything that can be configured to work around this?

I don't think so. In the cases where MailMate knows “which account you are currently in” then I guess there could be a setting which limits completions to the emails of the current account. I'll give that some thought, but don't expect it any time soon.

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